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news bullshit and dribble with the champ

April 5th, 2008 Posted in Champ's Page

Welcome to champs world.

No voilence just fun love pulling in – backdoor at the point. They reckon I love milks page – the best-so he keeps telling everyone, give him his jollies and check it out – www.geocities.com/pipeline/9093/ron.html 

Latest news on club member Craig Wing, my mate, recovering from a cheap shot in 1st game nrl, rugby league for the bunnies, sling off in 2 weeks, rehab for shoulder, then back surfing in 4 weeks.

Welcome to the new commitee for 2008.

Keep checking for Champ hanging with the stars, and king of water patrol at Globe Pro Fiji.

F**k off!

More from the champ later 


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