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2008 Presentation

December 21st, 2008 Posted in Latest News


The 2008 Burleigh Boardriders presentation was held at 2nd Ave Burleigh Heads, and once again a fine time was had by all. Club Champions were presented and we also added 2 new life members.


Jye Brazienas was crowned the Club Champion for 2008, the 3rd time Fabs has claimed the win, and the lad did dominate the years and put in a big effort for the club. This was also recognized when Fabs received the clubman of the year award.


The presentation of the Life Members was very special. Paul “Brisso” Surman was the first inducted, recognised for his service to the club in and out of the water, a very deserving award.

Next the life members present were given their life member medals and it was great to see them in attendance. 

Then there was one more medal……..


Yes at last 30 years of service and Ron “Milk” Williams was named as a new life member. Never a prouder man has been seen, most of Wales would have known by the next morning, and the boys gave Ronny a beer and bourbon shower to recognise  his Life Membership.

A great afternoon, well done to Pam & Ed for all the hard work put in for the presentation and throughout the years.

Bring on 2009! 

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