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Heat Draw for Joe Engel Cup

August 29th, 2008 Posted in Latest News

Here is the heat draw groms-go hard get a win for Burleigh..

Meet between 6.30 – 6.45, the venue will be Burleigh or the Spit. Can all members including Mum and Dad’s help out on the day with tents etc and supporting of the team 

heat 1 JNR.


NEB. Dan Hardman

BBR. Hammish Whillans                                            

NEB. Dylan Marshall                                                

BBR. Blake Mills                                                       


heat 2 CADET.


NEB. Harry Hynd                                 

BBR. Jake Okansen

NEB. Sheldon Paris

BBR. Jed Denison


heat 3 JNR.


NEB. Mahiya Thorne

BBR. Mitch Mills                                                       

NEB. Jake Wallace                                                   

BBR. Sam Robinson                                                   


heat 4 GIRLS.


NEB. Fiona Franklin                                 

BBR. Skye Fagan 


BBR. Sophie Hall                                                                        



heat 5 JNR.


NEB. Brody Wills

BBR. Gene Thompson

NEB. Jacob Brenan

BBR. Cory Hammond                                                                                          

heat 6 CADET


NEB. Luke Hynd

BBR.  Josh Hyland

NEB. Harley Kay

BBR. Clint Guest


heat 7 JNR.


NEB. Alisdair Keay

BBR. Tom Ringland

NEB. David Tingle

BBR. Ruben Botha 


heat 8 JNR.


 NEB. Jake Short

 BBR. Reece Hudson

 NEB. Matt Kay

 BBR. Jacob Hall 





Joe Engel at Backdoor Pipe 

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