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Help Clean Up Padang Padang!!!!

August 1st, 2008 Posted in Latest News




 I am Wayan Sumaeni, represent for ROLE Foundation located in Nusa Dua, BaliWe are collecting donation to keep with the clean up operation in Padang Padang, Bali  and to implement the Marine Revival Program of the ROLE Foundation.This Taiwanese ship was wrecked at the Padang Padang Beach Bali, in which this is the heaven for the surfers all over the world. We have started cleaning up the oil  off the sea  and our next step is to chop down the ship  and the pieces will be brought up to the  land  and then sent to the right place.We have got some supports from the surfers around Bali and greatly hope that we also could get some support from your company, as we know that you and your company have greatly concern with the marine.We will welcome any amount from you ………..Please transfer the money to our Bank details as below:

AC name ;  Yayasan R.O.L.E. ,Bank Permata branch Sanur BaliAC number ; 580 123 1804Swift Code ; BBBAIDJA

To see the Photo, please check out our website at www.rolefoundation.org Together we can restore the balance….




7 am……………..Checked out the wreck. The swell was up………3-4 foot……The wreck held tight right through the night and through the high tide to 1am today. Little had changed from the day before. There was still oil and diesel drifting out to sea, but only small amounts compared to previous days.10am……………meeting between Mod Mike, Chris More, New York Johnny and Clemens berger by phone. We would take the 6-7 cubic meters of rubbish and the 44 gallon drums and several jerry cans of oil/sludge to the top of the cliff and get it carted away, clean up any extra mess around the wreck and reef, and move 2 large  steal  railway tracks  covered in thick resin away from the take off zone. (These steel tracks were originally lined the very bottom of the hull.) We would meet at 4 pm as the low tide was now getting on toward evening. We would soon be looking at early morning to do our work on the wreck.12noon…………..the word got to me that the water policeman still had another agenda, and that efforts to get things happening and this wreck away from threatening the line up once and for all were futile. I put out a cry for help in desperation, to the captains of industry around Bali. We needed to get the Indo Tourism Dept, the Environment Dept, Bali and Jakarta ministers involved. We needed some heavy hitters. This guy was holding all concerned groups to ransom. After all this was a crime seen, a environmental crime seen.4pm…………Mod Mike and Chris Moore along with the Role staff, the GUS Foundation Staff, Steve Palmer’s construction staff, all turned up on time. We started the heavy physical task of carrying all the rubbish, heavy ship parts and oil/sludge drums and jerry cans all the way to the top of the cliff. I do not know how high or far it is from the staging area at the back of the Padang2 back beach, to the top of the cliff, but I can assure you it was a REAL ball breaker. Even for the girls helping! Gus had there truck there and it sure was good to see the end of that crap. 5.30pm…………We turned our attention to cleaning the wreck, the reef and rocks again of rubbish and ship parts that had loosened over the last day. Surfers Girl staff turned up with drinks and a helping hand, lead by Georgina Barnett. What a bonus!! Also they rolled their sleeves up and did their stuff. Real good workers, no question. We also moved 2 large pieces of steal covered in resin that was in the front of the line up. This was another ball breaker. With 8 guys, we could not lift these things, and they were so long we could only push one end forward 5 meters , then push the other end 5 meters. Eventually we got them over nearer the wreck and out of harms way.6.30 mission completed. Johnny arrived at the watering hole and with Chris and I, we held a meeting.Obviously stage 1 was over, we had cleaned the wreck of sludge and rubbish, the rocks behind the reef, the front, top and back of the reef and carted it all away, but we still needed to get rid of this toxic wreck that would always threaten the line up as long as it remained.It was with deep concern that we realized that if we were going to cut up and remove this wreck, once and for all, and get some closure, we must get involved with the political side of things and try to move some arses. As surfers most of us go to great length through out our lives to keep clear of such issues and persons. 



We agreed to form a committee. We would try to get some heavy hitters on our side.

After all, surfers and their family inject $100’s  of millions of dollars every year into the Bali/Indo economy. There must be some leverage, one would think?Big THANKS to all the above persons. Still no serious injuries.Stage 2 begins…………….Polotics……cut up and remove the wreck???By consensus……….The best way to get rid of the oil on the reef is by human hair and a saltwater heavy scrub??? Hair cut derby on the cards???Closure please. Hindu Cleansing Ceremony???


— Wayan SumaeniCapacity BuilderR.O.L.E. Foundation IncHelp play a role……in creating a world without povertyand reviving the health of the environment.


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