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July Club Round – Pumping Waves and Sick Barrel-fest

July 11th, 2010 Posted in Latest News
Noah Lane living in the green room today

Noah Lane living in the green room today



Great waves, awesome surfing and a great day had by all!!

Noah Lane spent more time in the tube than on the face, Lewis got the longest deep clean one and everyone was ripping!!

Noah got a barrel in the semi officially timed by El-Presidente’ Edward Lindores of 8 seconds!!!

Also it was great to welcome guest surfers Ony Onwar & Mitch Baker!! Welcome to the point!!

The pictures tell the story!!

Photo’s by Lisa O’Brien & Tappa



1/ Noah Lane 2/ James Lewis 3/ Jye Brazenas 4/ Brad Bricknell 5/ Mitch Baker 6/ Kelly Bodi


1/ Skye Fagan 2/ Katie Jackson 3/ Sonja 4/ Sophie Hall


1/ Kane Stone 2/ Liam Wyper 3/ Ruben Botha 4/ Liam O’Brien 5/ Talon Guest 6/ Kai Whittworth


1/ Josh Hyland 2/ Lewis Coulson 3/ Byron Hoskins


1/ Mitch Baker 2/ Ony Onwah 3/ Thomas Woods 4/ Hamish Whillans

Senior Men

1/ Brad Bricknell 2/ Kyle Robinson 3/ Ash Humphries 4/ Stenchy 5/ Ben backhouse


1/ Rob Teece 2/ Craig Whillans 3/ Nick Heath 4/ Dave Padget 5/ Bill Ringland 6/ Mike Manning

Grand Masters

1/ Ross Phillips 2/ Wilba 3/ Rob Crowe

See ya next month!!!

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