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A message from Bottle…………..

May 6th, 2008 Posted in The Milk Files

I have emailed him for an update on his tour but in the meantime he gave me permission to put this message up for you all – also if someone has Fisher’s email maybe they could ask him the same.

hey mate bottle here,
just checked your email out,, thats amazing
that you are going around getting extra support for the club mate, stoked
you are spending so much time on it…
you wanted feedback and this is what i am thinking, its all well and good to
have all these things such as laptops ,camcorders jetskis what ever else we
want to get, but personally i think the club needs its spirit back, this is
what i am getting at, when i was a grom we used to have at least 30 to 50
guys down there including grommets, it was amazing, apart from being chucked
in the mud and getting dacked but thats what it was all about,,, everyone
was down there with that club spirit, not only at club rounds but also tag
teams and straddie assaults,,
We go down to the tag teams now and we are struggling to make a 5 man team
let alone the support of the rest of the club down there, People are having
tearies cause they dont get picked ,holding it against people,its not club
spirit, People should be happy for who ever gets picked and start backing
them like we used to…
So this is my point, we can have all these material things but i think the
club as a whole INCLUDING MYSELF has start getting down there for the club
rounds and supporting the groms and running the club rounds even if it is 1
foot , club rounds are not about winning, its about everyone coming together
having a laugh, writing each off,calling CHAMPOLA trophy man, haha..
Personally boys i know i should be doing alot more for the club, i will do
my best to get off my arse when i am back and forth from my travels and make
my way down to those club rounds and do what ever else i have to do to get
the lads all fired up again,,.,,
Maybe i am off my head, you may disagree but you wanted feed back and there
it is, so if you agreeĀ  the first step is to get the club motivated to get
that spirit back,,
ps. seriously ronny milks so frothin on how passionate you are about the club..

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