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September 12th, 2008 Posted in FBI

Had a great couple of surfs at Ulu’s today with Tappa,he was looking a bit out of sorts,the long flight yesterday,plus the Bintangs last nite took it’s toll!!!!He’s taking it easy tonite,watch the footy and crash,then we’ll hit Ulu’s again tomorrow,should be a bit smaller but still heaps of fun!!!

Got the first two shots on www.baliwaves.com today!!!!This was the first wave of my second surf,the first sesh was out the Peak and then I hit the Racetrack as the tide dropped and got this one all the way down past the Big Rock,all in all a great days surfin’!!!

Congrats to Botts,his best result so far has him in 27th place and he only needs a decent result in the next couple of contests to requalify!!!!

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