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Bottsey,J.D. and Stench

August 8th, 2008 Posted in FBI

We all had some fun ones at Bingin today,J.D. and J.D. juniors boards got trashed by Jetstar,be care packing if you’re flying with them,Jelly the ding repairer extroardinair at Bingin was working overtime to get the boards fixed for them.

Botts is off to the Mentawiis for a Reef photo shoot on Monday,then he’s home and then off to the states for the Trestles contest.

Nice little crew out in the water-Botts,Ace Buchan,Chris Ward,Bede and Kai Otten,some nice little barrels were had by all.The Hobgoods said to say hello to Champ,I told them if they didn’t he’d crack em’ next time they were at the point,looks like more of the same tomorrow and the day after,then a flat spell for a few days,just in time for Joel Lester!!!

Imagine having to stare at this head everyday,Joel’s missus must be stoked he’s going,give her eyes a rest!!!

p1020932.jpg bingin-deep.JPG

chow Stench

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