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desert point-the best wave in the world???-yep!!!

August 3rd, 2008 Posted in FBI

just got back to Sengigi,3-5ft and pretty good,about a 6/10 on the desert scale,yesterday about 30 guys out,heaps of waves,this arvo’s  sesh had only about 10 of us out for the last 2 hours,it’d turn off for 1/2 an hour,then pulse for 1/2 an hour,last wave was 3 barrels down to the grower,paddle in on the back of a small one and did the slow walk back over the reef watching the boys getting kegged,definately one of the best sights in surfing!!!!!

swell looks like it’s gunna be up again in 3 days,Desert Point and Supersuck tides are gunna be over by the time it hits,so back to Bali,Bingin is looking good for 4-5 days straight,more barrels!!!Joel Festivities should be flying in in time for the next  bump after that.

Sorry no photos,to busy getting kegged,but the old photos below should sum it up!!



the photo below was taken by Burleigh lad Benny,this is about 2/3’s of the way down the point,infront of the car park,with another 100 meters to go before you hit the grower!!


will hopefully catch-up with bottsy tomorrow and have a chat and a few waves-

chow  stench

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