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indo survival kit!!!!

July 20th, 2008 Posted in FBI

New Arrows For the Quiver!!!!!!

Almost there!!!!!!Thought I’d share a few things with those heading over-

Quiver-some new shooters,plus a couple of old faithfuls i keep at a mates place near Desert Point-

6’3 fish-good for beachy’s and small days at Ulu’s/Kuta reef

6’5 channel-great for Bingin,Ulu’s,Desert Point,Supersuck and small G-land

6’8 channel x 2-now we’re talkin”!!!!anytime you pull one of these out you know you’re gunna get some serious tube-time,great fun on small days on your forehand as well!!!!

6’10 channel bottom-An old faithful,one of those boards that you always seem to stand-up with your feet in the right place-comfort zone-if you have one-take it!!!

7’0 flat bottom-Great when you need a bit more beef,this one’s a bit thinner,for pure down the line driving!!!

7’2 flat bottom-This ones a bit thicker and wider,great for big Scar Reef and a neccesity for G-land,anyone going to G-land definately take a big gun,the place has Hawaiian power,plus all the old boys will be sitting on Launching Pad on 8’6’s and you won’t get any waves!!!


Customs will only allow you 3 boards per person,they will try to hit you with an excess per extra board,usually $650us each,they assume you are going to sell the excess boards thus cutting the government out of taxes-there are definately ways around this-

1-if you are with your girl,say the extra boards are for her,no problems!!!!!

2-if you are with a group,divvy up the boards between you,doesn’t matter if they are in different covers,go through customs togeather,pointing out who the boards are for-too easy!!!

3-now comes the hard part-you’re on your own,you have 4-5 boards,you have 2 options-1 try to bullshit or 2 pay the man-

1-lying might work,but they will check your cover and if caught your chances of getting away with a small donation to customs are slim,they’ll be pissed of at you and you could spend an extra hour or two sweating in the boss’s room.

2-this is what i do-tell them i’m holding an extra board,you’ll be taken to the boss’s room where he’ll pull out a card showing you the prices of boards and saying you must pay-smile and hit him with a $50 note{don’t open you wallet-keep it separate!!],tell him you don’t want a reciept and off you go-the money is divided up between all the customs boys so the are on the look-out for crew with extra boards,one plane load can work out as a months salary for these boys-honesty is the best policy and a bit of coin greases the wheels!!!!


Booties-I haven’t worn them for years,but the rule i used to apply was if you are gunna wear them-wear them all the time-you’ll get used to the feel of them quicker.

Leggies-take at least 3-one small wave and two medium to big wave-a new leggie can gost $60-$70 in Bali!!!

Wax-take a heap-a block can cost $10 in Bali!!!

Wet Shirt-a necessity-the sun is way stronger than here-a tip for sunburn-get a rice flour massage if you get the lobster treatment-it takes the sting out and replenishes the moisture in you skin!!!!

Wet Suit-a shorty can give you a bit of protection for the low tide reef sessions,plus the water can get cold-i’ve seen Dave Thomas[the surf guide at Bobbies Camp]and Camel wear steamers out a G-land!!!!

Medical Kit-take one if you’re heading out of Bali,the Apotic[chemist]in Indo are unreal,you can buy anything over the counter-anti-biotics[pills and cream],larium[malaria],viagra,ponstan[the best panadol in the world!!!] and try and get a bottle of  TIEH TA YAO GIN{below}-it’s chinese benedine-the ultimate for reef cuts!!!


Malaria-there is none in Bali,or though there was an out-break of Dengi fever a couple of years ago,but if you’re heading out of Bali the rule is simple-COVER UP!!!!!!!!!!!-there is no cure for malaria,doxicyclene and the other tablets only mask the symptoms,so a long sleeved shirt and long pants with the cuffs tucked into your socks and a bit of Rid is the best protection!!!!a lot of guys i know have malaria and i can guarentee that they all caught it drinking piss late in the arvo with just a pair of boardies on!!!!

Shopping-you can get all the zinc,moisturisers,aloa vera,toothpaste,soap,razors and general stuff at any supermarket for way cheaper than here.


Tie Downs-essential,a lot of drivers will try to tie down your boards with rope!!!!!

Always wear a shirt if you go to a government office,airport or bank.

Always smile when meeting local people,especially police,customs and the boys in the water.

If you get faded by a local-let it go,straighten out and paddle back out-don’t stink eye the local lads!!!!

When bartering always halve the starting price and stick to that,sometimes walking away will be enough to get what you want!!!!


Chow  Stench

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