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WILBA RETURNS!!!!!O.G.B.I.-old grey bastards in Indo

April 17th, 2008 Posted in FBI

Burleigh photog extrourdinaire Mark “wilba” Wilson just returned from his first trip to Indo since 1980!!!!He headed straight to Lakey Peak and instantly fell in love with the place,calling it the best waves of his life.

Anyone who’s been there will know what he means!!!!

He was there for 3 weeks and caught up with super-stylish Burleigh goofy Daniel Young,calling Youngy the stand-out surfer at the peak.

Now’s the right time to be at Lakey,the trade wind actually blows side-shore into the bay and will mess up the Peak during the windy June-Sept months-still it’s the best on-shore wave you’ll ever surf!!!!!

Anyone thinking of heading to Lakey should definately bear this in mind!!!!


Some fat bastard at Lakey Peak last year!!!!


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