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May 8th, 2008 Posted in Dwayne's World

The ten commandment’s of surfing.&

1.Thou shalt not drop in, only on kookswho are going to waste the wave

2.Thou shalt respect all locals, unless they

abuse their localism.

3.Thou shalt not snake thy fellow surfer,

unless he has snaked you numerous times before.

4.Thou shalt not surf beyond their level of skill

ie:Beginners should not surf at the highly skilled breaks

as in snow skiing, thus making it safer for everyone.

5.Coaches should not be allowed to coach more than 30 surfers per week.

Thus keeping the crowds down and cutting surf rage.

6.Learn what the pecking order is at your local break

to save upsetting the natural flow of local surfers,

who are catching waves in an orderly manner,

thus saving you the drama of upsetting the flow.

7.Thou shalt not paddle for a wave that a surfer is already on

especially if that surfer is in the barrel.

Surfers get upset when you collapse the barrel on them especially at Burleigh.

8.Grommets should not hassle old legends for waves

they should show respect and give them the best waves of the set,

and they themselves should take the scraps as all good groms should.

9.Thou shalt surf different boards in different conditions thus having more fun

ie:A fish in 1ft surf instead of a mal, MORE FUN

10.Just remember the best surfer in the water is the bloke having the most FUN.

He who dies with the biggest smile wins.J

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