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heres a poem about life

April 15th, 2008 Posted in Dwayne's World

(Ode To A Waterperson)


All my life I have lived for the ocean

Crystal blue water in pure fluid motion

To play in the sea with the dolphins and fish

Since I was young has been my wish

People who don’t surf don’t understand

Being in the water beats the shit out of being on land

I have always wished to breathe under water

Away from the land, the carnage, the slaughter

Don’t people know all life comes from the sea

Just look at surfers like you and me

We are the chosen race

Surfing along on a screaming blue face

I will surf till I die, till my last breathe of air

Make sure my last wave I will surf with flair

So if I’m to die on land or at sea

In the ocean I choose the rest for me

With money or without I don’t really care

Just to surf waves, have fun, with friend’s I’ll share

To be alone on the ocean is such a great feeling

To surf, to live, to love the ocean it’s appealing


What life means to me!………

By Djharris.

©Djharris. 18/10/00.



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