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team for sun

June 11th, 2008 Posted in Coaching

we had a really good training tue arvo, we had a warm up match against mnm thanks to scotty burrows for bringing his team down, as it turned out we won by 2 points so hope fully we can do that on sun when we verse them again. the groms surfed well, we used jed to catch up time and he did very well catching 3 good waves in about seven minutes, all of them did as they were told and the match went smoothly. we need the whole squad to turn up on sun as we need the support, plus all members welcome to turn up and support club.the squad so far is,hamish,jed,gene,blake,josh,jake,sophie hall,clint,talon,jacob,cory,and ruben. if you guys could turn up it would be good as we might need reserves on the day, so all of the squad should attend as we will need to use you in the future and its good to watch how matches are run, 7am tugun surf club on sun. the team i have picked is not the final team as some surfers might have to surf in regionals on sun but this is the starting line up, if you cant make it see me sat morn at 7am at the poo pipe for training. the team is,hamish, jed, gene, josh, clint, reserve; jake oksanan so crew be there sat morn fo training at 7am to finalise team. blake was in the team but at training tue arvo he headbutted his board after a wipeout and got six stitches for his trouble bad luck blake but you will be in the next team as you turn up to every training session so hang in there big fella. see ya sat morn, dwayne.

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