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dwayne harris profile.

April 21st, 2008 Posted in Dwayne's World, Profiles

name;Dwayne Harris

Nicknames;coney, teeth, chad, sherrif, legend,etc,etc.

Age; 44

Div surf in; old fellas when i can.

Place of birth; mater hospital Brisbane.

Place of surf; Burleigh heads.

How old 1st wave @ burleigh; 5yrs old in shorey,12 yrs old out point.

Other fav spots;d-bah, nth and sth straddie, switzerland,nth wall ballina.

Best comp results; 4times open club champ,3times snr men champ,2times president cup champ, 1st over 35 qld championships 2002,2nd byron bay easter classic jnr div 1980, 1st in the don comp over 30’s, 3rd craig walgers memorial comp, numerous final placings in single fin comp, best result 3rd 1987, etc, etc.

Fav burleigh surfers; peter harris, bottle,[ AD, VT, MM, DC, PR, {r.i.p}].

Fav underground legend; Paul”ethy”evers, James Watson.

Fav surfers not from burleigh; MP,MR.HOYO,KONG[in the 80’s], SLATER,DINGO.

Where jump off; out the cove or kiddies corner.

Worst experience on rocks; no heavy ones but heaps of cuts and bruises, except for finding a dead body on rocks early morn jump off not good, very bloated.

Worst surfing injury; dislocating shoulder many times after wipeouts.

Best burleigh moment; every barrel i have ever had out there all stored in memory bank, and every time i surf out there.

Best surfer ever seen @ burleigh; MP, Dooley, Naughtsy.

Ambition; doing it now, to see my children grow up healthy and happy and to be successful at whatever they choose to do, and to stay happy as long as i can don’t get old and grumpy.

Why do you love burleigh; my home, my family, my life.

be good to as many people as you can i am learning this as i get older, take care.

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