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September 15th, 2008 Posted in Latest News

Discussion Points from meeting after Club round at 11.30am on Sunday 14.9.08,


Straddie Assault


Call Fab’s Jye Brazenus, Need car number plates to book barge three off. E.L. to book barge and 12 bed unit accommodation for Team.


Single Fin comp/Luncheon – Call Ash. Awaiting Tappa to do press release. Volunteers put your names on the blog. – Judging, spotting, flags, beach marshall assistant, food stand etc.etc.


Junior Training,


 E.L. to Discuss with Dwayne Harris re, 12 week programme and Club to look at a Professional Coaching scheme (once per month). Club to look at Financial agreement between Dwayne or (paid coaches), what do Club juniors achieve from this?, also there may be some Parent/Parents that would like to Volunteer to do training sessions to save Club funds, Training to be done in 12 week lots ( with a schedule programme to check achievements and skill levels of Juniors) and Club Committee and Parents to rate the performance. Coach and Parents to discuss what events our Club Juniors should enter and give to the Committee to Budget costs.


 Will Training be for 52 weeks of the year?, is Surfing a Summer or Winter sport?, it was discussed that we could look at training all year round but would do it in 12 week lots and intensify when needed prior to Comps and Teams events. Training Time and Day, It was agreed that Wednesday afternoon at 4pm be the gazetted training day and time. Any Professional Coach employed, training time to be given to Club Juniors and put on Club’s web-site. (Ed to discuss with Dwayne and Coaching staff).




Club to look at taking on Micro Groms in Club rounds to build Club’s future junior talent, Introductory day being at the next Comp on October the 5th. The Micro’s will surf in kiddies corner with proper supervision. Micro’s Parents to be involved in all comp activities as per usual duty of care requirements. E.L. to write Club letter to have at intro day before Micro’s can surf. After trial Club to look at a permanent basis if successful.(have Club meeting)


Club BBQ,

Should Club charge at start of year, answer “no” pay as you go $2 or $3 per comp to get Food and $1 drinks. Club to set up account  at Butcher so as to minimise waste.


 Membership fees,


It was agreed and seconded by Ash and Meeting that Club fees be raised to $25/$30 juniors & Girls and $50 Opens/seniors/masters /Grand Masters etc and Social membership to $60/$80. Note this does not include Club Clothing or look at two memberships, one with Club Kit say $50 for Opens and one with out Club Kit (shirt/Boardies)Opens say $100, more discussion to be held at next meeting after Members have put some thought into it.


Club Shirts and Boardies are still for sale.


$20 shirts,$30 boardies.   Ed to place prices on cabinet in the trailer.

 All members to wear there Club uniform on Comp days. Give Club better exposure and support.







 Club house,


It was discussed that the Club house is some time off, could the GCCC look at another temporary option as Club is ramping up in the Junior Development area, E.L> to discuss with Greg Betts Local Councillor, Greg has said he will respond to Club in two weeks on other options .

 Web-page update,


Please forward all Surfing stories etc to Milk – through the blog below so he can up-date Club’s web-site. He stated that our web site is getting plenty of hits but we need to update it regularly.

Club Tents, E.L. to order two new Tents for Club, agreed two by 3m square would be accepted.


Any discussion on Club matters to be brought at Club meetings so as they can be dealt with by all.

No seniors or Opens attended Comp to hold any heats, need more support from this part of the Club.


Meeting Closed 12.30pm


 Thanks for your support and look forward to our next meeting and Comp in October. All the best in your surfing.


 regards Ed


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