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April 17th, 2011 Posted in Latest News



Hi guys,

As some of you may know, I recently travelled over to NZ to compete in the O’neill Cold Water Classic event in Gisborne. After a bunch of organisation and a killer drive from Auckland I arrived with travel partner Chris “Ibis” Bennetts in our backpacker-style campervan. Being stuck in the confines of a small motor home in foul weather can make for some pretty funny times and after spending the first few nights sleeping head to toe in the back of the “Spaceship”, we were glad to see the sun come out.

When it came to the comp, we both went really ordinary and I can honestly say it was some of the most trying conditions I have surfed a heat in. While there are some amazing waves around the area, the beachies where the contest was held were far from exceptional and after we were bailed out in the early rounds we decided to go on the hunt for some waves. We managed to find some fun setups around the Mahia Peninsula south of Gisborne and a really good left point/reef near Gisborne but after consulting the swell charts, we decided to make another rough 6hr trek across the island to the west coast.

Raglan greeted us with tiny onshore conditions so once again we were on the hunt (for waves, not women). If you have spent any time in New Zealand you will agree that they don’t have the straightest, most amazing roads and after a near death experience on one of their finest mountain routes, we decided to cut our losses and head north-east for the Corimandel coast.

After another few hours of driving we arrived late into the small town of Whangamata. We drove into town and it was like stepping back a few generations into the years of rockabilly music and hot rods. I’m not particularly sure if you’re familiar with the annual festival, “Wintersun” in Coolangatta, but if you are then imagine that juiced up on steroids and you’ve got the annual “Beach Hop” in Whangamata. I have never seen so many 60 year old women dressed as Betty Boop and Elvis impersonators driving hot rods in my life. There was all kinds of strange road machines getting around and even stranger people but we managed to navigate our way through the hoards of swooning retirees to the beach were we found the first fun beachies of the trip. We spent the next few days exploring the area with the help of the family from the local surf shop; who were amazingly helpful and showed us around to some really fun waves.

It was an eventful 10 days or so that was our trip to Enzid and after close to 2500km in the trusty steed that was a campervan I was glad to be heading back home. I had an awesome time over there, despite the bad result and can’t thank the club enough for their support! I was stoked to get home and get to surf another club round in fun waves on the weekend and can’t wait for the next one. It’s after trips like that when you really realise how good Burleigh is.

Until next time!


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