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latest message from a Bottle

October 13th, 2009 Posted in Latest News, Message in a Bottle

Hey Crew…
The latest from our very own Jay “Bottle” Thompson, Burleigh’s boy on the WCT

Hey Everybody, sorry its taken me so long to keep you updated on my year, not excuses I am just a slack ass..Anyways i’m going to fill you in on my last couple of weeks while in Europe.
So basically I have a pretty lame start in the first competition in France, I got equal 33rd which is dead last with another 16 unlucky punters, but all good I’m keeping my massive chin up and ready to smash the next 2 events…I want to come back to Burleigh at the end of this year all qualified fro next years WCT, so we can all have a good honest beer or 20, on the point together.haha
So after I lost in france there was an expession session on with a bit of coin up for grabs, I was going to give it a miss because, Slater,Jordy Smith, Julian Wilson, Dane Reynolds, and a bunch of other freaks were doing it. In the end my mate Ace talked me into it and decided would be nice to wash off the cobwebs off..Well guess what i nailed it, actually did not even have to stand up, i did a head stand and BANG, just like that I givien a $1000. So with a miserable surf forecast ahead and 10 day gap between events, Myself and a few mates were off to Germany with a $1000 bucks in the kitty. We planned to surf a river wave and it just so happened Octoberfest fell into our laps too.
It was wild, we had the craziest time of our lives,The river wave was so hard and very humbling, I rocked up with my board, thinking I would nail it straight away, before i knew it i had a corked thigh and a massive egg on my head, I threw in the towel pretty quickly and watched the locals rip it to bits, doing air reverses and other crazy tricks. So with my tail between my legs I thought it was time to hit Octoberfest. The beers at Octoberfest are huge, they are poured by the litre,not only that you are being served by a waitress generally with an oversized chest which makes it all the better, so after 2 beers you are pretty much blind. All i remember there was a lot of singing and dancing .All in all it was an epic adventure and I was frothing to get the chance to take a week off from competing and training and have some fun with the boys.
Ok my friends my eyes are going square so I am going to have to give the fingers a little rest. Peace love and mungbeans .Love Bottle.

Bottle and the boys ready for Octoberfest looking..mmm...

Bottle and the boys ready for Octoberfest looking..mmm... Botts we know you really did get the real leather shorts!!

Bottle havin a go at the river wave in germany.....

Bottle havin a go at the river wave in germany.....


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  2. By charles webster baer on Apr 25, 2010

    mates , Im moving to anustralia .



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