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President’s progressive report No1 2008

May 26th, 2008 Posted in Latest News

To all Club Members,

The Club has started with consistent Comps so far this year, it has been enlightening to see the enthusiasm from the Juniors and Girls to keep the Club competitive in Surfing.We would like to see more Senior men’s and Opens participating in the running of the Club at Comps. From now on the Comps will start sign ins for the competing Surfers at 7am on Comp days to get Comp under way by 8am at the latest. Also only Financial members will be allowed to Compete in Club Comps. Your name will be ticked of at sign on at all events. This is a club rule as the our Insurance would be  null and void and should there be a claim club officers/members could be exposed to court action. All non members to date who have points accrued will not be recognised at Presentation time.

The Club is proceeding forward in its Future Goals program with the Junior training  recognised by some Parents who support their offspring by attending. We want all Juniors involved – no excuses. Also a big thanks to Dwayne Harris for his time in getting this crew together.

We have upgraded our communication with the Club’s very own Web-site. If all Members utilise this for information and spread coming events by word of mouth  and the Black board at the Point shed there is no reason for any Member not to be informed of  the Club’s progress. We also want all members to contribute to the website, if you have not yet been given a password send all your articles/news to Tappa or anyone on the committee and we will put them up.

The Club will be looking at the Juniors to form a Tag team and also will be picking a selection of Juniors  to go to a Club Sponsored School of Surfing program. The likely hood of gaining  our own Clubhouse has hit some snags and is undergoing all sorts of scrutiny. The Club house still looks viable and hopefully we will have a result in the later part of the year.

There is amended regulations for Blue Cards working with Children under the age of 18 years old in our Club. All Club members over the age of 18 should be Blue carded and the Club’s committee will place what you have to do to obtain this Blue card on the Club’s Web site in the coming Month, you have until 2nd July 2008.

The Club is eligible for a Government grant in the Learning Skills of our Sport. We will put on an inner Club member’s Judging course. This is currently being discussed with Surfing QLD and we are trying to get a time slot so as not to affect the Club members life style and Family time.(e.g. we may ask for three nights at 2.5 hours each to achieve a Level 1 Judging accreditation.) This will be confirmed at the next Club meeting.

As a successful Club we are now realising that we need more Volunteers to get through the work required to maintain the Club’s standard. Please do not wait to be asked to join in to help out. Especially the BBQ – its easy – buy 3 loaves and 40 snags on the Friday or Saturday – you will be reimbursed and get yours free we have all the sauces and tools and you don’t have to cook.

To all the current Volunteers thanks and congratulations on a job well done, keep up the good work.(Judging, setting up, etc) Also to the Contest Director Phil Gregory for being punctual on getting the Club’s current scores up. As said before, sign on early on Comp day and help out to make this one of the best Club’s to be involved in – and have some fun while you play.

The club rules – to be reiterated with the new constitution at the next meeting (Check the calendar often) will be enforced.

All the best to Bottle in the coming events and we look forward to catching up with him in between WCT events. And, of course, we’re waiting for Ash to return and tell us his story about dancing with the stars in the Fiji Globe WCT. With your help we’ll keep this the best Club.


Edward Lindores  –  President

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