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September Club Round at the Point 2 foot rockbreak

September 14th, 2009 Posted in Contest Results, Latest News
"V" for Victory for Dvex

"V" for Victory for Dvex

Thomas Woods up there!!! shot 2

Thomas Woods up there!!! shot 2


Dvex look back
Dvex look back

2 in arow Dveccio has struck again taking out the Opens at 2 foot rock break at the point. Dvex is looking at putting another Burleigh Club Championship trophy in the cabinet, but he is facing a strong challenge from the up and coming young guns Geno, Woodsy, & Hamish all giving it a big shake, and even Lewis who has a ton of WQS experience was given a bit of a shake from the young fellas, hassling a giving it a real go.


The waves were pretty average mid morning but improved with the incoming tide with some great surfing going down with some big airs and massive carves. A great day and everyone hung out for a few beers afterwards, Craig Wing showing up to say gidday with Padds, Champ happy to be dancing with the stars again.


Lots of footy kicking on the Point, and Kiwi Tobes had retrieve the footy from about 20 metre up the pine trees… Crazy….. Check the photos awesome weather awesome day!!




1st Kyle “Dvex” Robinson  2nd Gene Thompson  3rd Thomas Woods  4th James Lewis  5th Hamish Whillians  6th Daniel Clarke



1st Hamish Whillians   2nd  Gene Thompson   3rd Thomas Woods   4th Clint Guest   5th  Noah Ford



1st  Josh Hyland  2nd  Jake Oksanen  3rd Byron Hoskings   4th  Jed Denison



1st Skye Fagan  2nd Yasu  3rd  Zoe   4th Sophie Paget  5th Sophie Hall



1st Nick Heath  2nd Niel Nicholas  3rd  Ash Humphries   4th Terry Teece   5th Craig Whillians


1st Brian Ford  2nd Nick Heath  3rd  Dave Paget  4th  Dave Hall   5th Murray Ward

Grand Masters

1st Bill Ringland  2nd Wilbur  3rd  Rob Crowe   4th  Glenda  5th  John Denison  6th Ron Williams

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