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September 4th, 2009 Posted in FBI, Latest News


Yep,4 straight days and now finally some sun is starting to peep through the clouds!Yesterday was almost monsoonal,sitting out at Ulus,cold and wet,seemed very surreal!Had a nice sesh at the Peak with J-Loo,Joni G. and Rick Smith for a coupla hours,today should be a bit better.The forecasted swell hasn’t arrived yet-maybe late this arvo,but the plan is to hit Keramas tomorrow morning early,then back up to the Bukit for an arvo at Bingin-if the swell arrives that is!

Spoke to Joel last nite,no waves yesterday,and nothing today,hopefully they’ll get a bit of a bump late this arvo as well,although not sure what the crowd will be like-could be 20 or 120,the Desert Point enigma is definately a thing of the past!!Chow¬† Stenchimg_8637

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