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Message in a bottle.(bottz tied the knot)

July 5th, 2009 Posted in Latest News

Hey everyone whats cracking,
Bottle here, just thought i would write a little blog on whats been happening with me and my lil milk bottle . So to start things off i am basing myself out of the states due to sponsorship reasons and to build my profile up internationally, also it’s cheaper to travel from there. So if you have not been seeing my rude head running up and down the point very often thats the reason. But will hopefully be in town when the team events are on and fly the burleigh flag high..
And some more big news on the bottle front is that I have just recently dropped the knee to my lovely long term girlfriend Janey and we are happily engaged. The Poor thing has to put up with my gross body odour and big chin for the rest of her life.
Now onto surfing I am in j’bay at the moment waiting for the event to kick off, i had and absolute shocker in brazil so i am here early to redeem myself. Jefferies Bay is one of the most beautiful points in the world to the human eye,(not quite as good as burleigh though), when its on its on, you see long lines about a 1KM out to sea. It could be amazing the event this year there is so much sand, proper square barrels, I have never seen it like this before, so fingers crossed we get a swell and i can park my big rig into some pits for the boys..yew
Alrighty then ladies and gentlemen, hope i did not bore you too much. Peace love and bean sprouts ya hippies. Botz

Botz doin his thing, now gettin' hitched!!! Congratulations from all the club!

Botz doin his thing, now gettin' hitched!!! Congratulations from all the club!

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  2. By Terry Teece on Jul 6, 2009

    Congratulations champion!! Gettin’ married on he point?

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