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Club Championship Round 2 6th of April 2008

April 9th, 2008 Posted in Contest Results

The 2nd round of the Burleigh Boardriders Club Championship saw around 70 members turning up to compete, and it was great to see 24 entrants in the Open division alone. The girls had a great roll as well, with two heats and a final. Good to see the crew turning up! It was great to see the Head of the FBI out there doing his best, and seeing the good old young blokes like Berty, Steggsy, Joel and Micahand others and teaching the younger opens what to do. Go Lads! Where were the rest of you Opens? Great to see Dvex and Champ although struggling after a large night, still turned up and did well. 


The crew turned up to see fun little waves on the rock break at 2-3 foot, then by the last final of the day it was wild and lumpy 3-4 foot low tide breakers out the back some excellent surfing in all divisions. The wind and the rain made things tough, but in true Burleigh spirit nothing was going to stop us earning the reward of a few coldies at the end of the day

p1020930.jpg p1020933.jpg

Joshy “Steggles” Stewart took out the Open final, just pipping a ripping Jason “Bert Newton” Suttinen, Berty on fire, almost as much as his cheer squad was on the beach. Jye “Fabs” Brazenas was ripping into 3rd, just not able to find that 2nd wave he needed. The Girls had a big dig, new member Shannon Rixon won at her first contest, Bianca Robinson took 2nd even though a little nervous before the heat, Tara Ferguson a solid 3rd, & Casey Quinn 4th. Sophie Hall surfed great but could not find a second wave. Great to see all the girls getting amongst it. 


Josh Hyland was once again a standout, winning the Groms and placing 3rd in the cadets, and he only claim about 5 times in one day! Tom Ringland took out the Juniors and took some great pics so I heard, Dad Bill made it a family double taking the Grand Masters from El Presidente Edward Lindores, and even after Champ checked the sheets 5 times, and changing one, Brisso took out the Masters from Champola, Tappa 3rd, and Craig Whillians 4th. Clint Guest was king of the cadets this Sunday, Gene Thompson second, with the mini-Hylander 3rd, Jake Oksanen 4th. Hamish Whillians a noteable absence, was up at the Gromstomp on the Sunshine Coast, but all grommets should let Tappa know if they are keen to be in the training squad for the tag team event in June. Training for the HPC is expensive and we do not want grommets in the HPC unless they can show they are keen. 


 Training will start in a few weeks, and we will also be selecting some groms for specialist training at the Surfing Australia High Performance Centre. If you want it you gotta be in it An excellent day was had by all, looking forward to the next round in May.

  p1020936.jpg p1020934.jpg

 burleigh-logo-small.jpgRESULTS burleigh-logo-small.jpg


burleigh-logo-small.jpg1ST JOSH STEWARTburleigh-logo-small.jpg2ND JASON SUTTINENburleigh-logo-small.jpg3RD JYE BRAZENASburleigh-logo-small.jpg4TH MICAH LESTER burleigh-logo-small.jpg


 burleigh-logo-small.jpg1ST SHANNON RIXONburleigh-logo-small.jpg2ND BIANCA ROBINSONburleigh-logo-small.jpg3RD TARA FERGUSONburleigh-logo-small.jpg4TH CASEY QUINN burleigh-logo-small.jpg


 burleigh-logo-small.jpg1ST CLINT GUESTburleigh-logo-small.jpg2ND GENE THOMPSONburleigh-logo-small.jpg3RD JOSH HYLANDburleigh-logo-small.jpg4TH JAKE OKSANEN burleigh-logo-small.jpg


 burleigh-logo-small.jpg1ST JOSH HYLANDburleigh-logo-small.jpg2ND DYLAN KAMAburleigh-logo-small.jpg3RD TALON GUESTburleigh-logo-small.jpg


burleigh-logo-small.jpg1ST PAUL SURMANburleigh-logo-small.jpg2ND ASH HUMPHRIESburleigh-logo-small.jpg3RD TERRY TEECEburleigh-logo-small.jpg4TH CRAIG WHILLIANSburleigh-logo-small.jpg

burleigh-logo-small.jpgGRAND MASTERS

burleigh-logo-small.jpg1ST BILL RINGLANDburleigh-logo-small.jpg2ND EDWARD LINDORESburleigh-logo-small.jpg3RD ROB CROWEburleigh-logo-small.jpg4TH MURRAY WARDburleigh-logo-small.jpg 


 burleigh-logo-small.jpg1ST TOM RINGLANDburleigh-logo-small.jpg2ND COREY HEMMINGburleigh-logo-small.jpg3RD MITCH MILLS burleigh-logo-small.jpg

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