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indo virgins!!!!

April 7th, 2008 Posted in FBI

Spoke to young goofyfoot and former open club chamion Storm Hoskins at the club comp yesterday,he’s booked in for June,and definately hitting G-land when he’s there!!!A note to anyone going to G-land ,take a couple of bigger boards!!!!

G-land is the Hawaii of indo when it comes to power,and sitting a Launching Pad on a 6’6 while everyone else is 20 meters further out and stroking into the peak on 7’6-9’0’s,means you won’t get many waves!!!!

Backhand tube mystro Hymie has made the call he’s coming over in August,now he’s made this call for the last 4-5 years,and it’s never come to fruition!!!Joel Lester has video footage of him and myself surfing perfect 3-4ft Supersuck,with my voice-over calling “Hymie,where the F##k are ya???”-he pulled out a month before we went over!!!

The footage from that session is now used  on the promo dvd for “Captain Coconut’s” boat-trips,you can view it on u-tube-just type in “Captain Coconut” in the video search,Joel”s last barrel is his third on that one wave!!!

do you rekon hymie will pull into this???

So if anyone sees Hymie,get on his case about it!!!!!!


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