Burleigh Heads Surfboard Riders Club Inc


August 27th, 2008 Posted in FBI

Woke up this morning in Kuta,went to Starbucks and grabbed a coffee,checked the net,small waves today with a swell on the week-end,caught a cab back to the house a Ulu’s,cruised past Padang and watched a 4ft set fire down through Impossibles!!!!

Raced out to Ulu’s to be greeted with 4-5ft lines breaking through the Racetrack,surfed for 2 hours,got a 1/2 a dozen good ones with the backdoor at Big Rock,came in and made the call to go to Bingin,surfed that for 2-3 hours and got tubed out of my tiny,little mind!!!!

Sometimes all the technology in the world can’t account for Mother Nature!!!!Adam Burnet and his girl are here,they’re heading to Lembongin,looks like Burleigh will be well represented with all the crew heading over!!!!

Wartsy,Jake and crew went to Keramis this morning and got skunked,but they did get a good sesh in at Bingin and Impossibles before I got there,haven’t seen the Willam’s crew around,maybe they stayed and surfed Kuta,the reefs would of been firing this arvo.

The sort of day that restores your faith in Indo!!!!!


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