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F.B.I.-fat bastards in indo

April 3rd, 2008 Posted in FBI


As the summer/autumn season starts winding down thoughts start drifting 5,000 miles north west to a little chain of islands that contain waves to rival and sometimes exceed our beloved point.Now i know some of our old,crustier members will argue that Burleigh is the centre of the surfing universe,and sometimes it’s hard to argue the point,but the one thing that graces us with the grinding brown/blue barrels,is also the same villian that leaves us with crap we’ve had to deal with this summer-SAND!!!


                                                                                                                                                                                       Now picture the best Burleigh you’ve ever surfed,a day that Tim Treasure would grudgingly nod his head too,no sweep[one place has a reverse sweep-yep,a one arm paddle back after 400 meters of tube-time!!!]a perfect line-up that never changes,25 degree water,tropical sun,sandy beaches,all day off-shores-all you need is swell and a tide chart!!!!!

                                                                                       supers-set-up.JPG   supers.JPG                                                      Well i’m starting to get that warm,fuzzy feeling again,you know the one-you’re on the phone to your shaper[in my case Daniel McDonald at Brothers Neilsen]rattling of the dimensions of your new 6’8 channely and 7’0 rounded pin,describing to him the kinds of waves you’ll need the boards for-OR-walking into your travel agent and slapping down your credit card and saying-filler’ up!!!!

water-supers.JPG                                                             AHHHHHH,it doesn’t get any better!!!!Unless of course you have a couple of the boys in tow!!!This years starters should include-Brizzo and Sloppa,Micah & Joel Lester,Toby Atkins,Daniel Young[already at Lakey for 2 months],Jai Brazianos,Adam Neilsen,Jesse Outram,Wartsy and the lovelly Rochey[what does she see in that fat bastard???],Turtle,Jake Byrne and Jonny Hansel from Rhythm,Ricky Smith,Benny Backhouse and maybe Hymie might get his arse into gear but he’ll probably be working on his myspace tan!!!!                                                                          barrel-small.JPG                                                                                                 Rumour has it that Craig Willams is taking young Burleigh stand-out Hamish and the family over-let’s see if the little bugger can go left,hey!!!!I’ll be there for two months and hopefully will cross paths with most of the crew that come over and will keep all the boys at home updated on the kegs they’re missing out on!!!!



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