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August 27th, 2009 Posted in FBI

fbi-smallWe’re into day three of  a great mid-size swell,perfect for the little corner of reef just down from Ulu’s.Yesterdays seshes were a bit slow at times but just when it looked over a pulse would kick in,especially the late arvo till dark sesh where you barely had time to sit on your board before the next set would hit.

dsc00838Hymie racked up some nice ones before retiring crook,he’s back at the house with gimp-flu and outta the water for the day.Joel was the frother-you know the guy-he paddles around trying to catch everything but gets nothing,and Benny got his best Bingin barrel ever!!!There’s another 2-3 day bump coming in 2 days,then we’re hoping for another hit at Desert’s before we come home

dsc00824Chow  Stench

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