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August 22nd, 2009 Posted in FBI


Just got back into town after an epic day at the point-4-6ft and pumpin,racked up about 15 waves with my last consisting of 3 barrels down to the Grower!


Hymie picked off some beautiful little barrels before going knee first into the reef and finishing his sesh early.Joel and Benny put in a marathon 5 hour session getting a coupla beauties each.Taris copped a back slam at the Grower and came in only after one wave,lime juice on the cuts and a cold Bintang later he was all smiles.

p1020712Benny quickly snapped these shots off as we scrambled to get the boards off the car and get out there!!!

p1020713A stop off at Maccas in Matteram on the way back to the Gig finished off a great day,surf stoked is not the word,and the best thing is we get to do it all again tomorrow!!!!chow  Stench

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